Due to unprecedented demand, and to assure top quality to our customers, we are only accepting new orders on a VERY LIMITED basis until further notice. Please do not send any watches or clocks at this time unless you contact us first. If you are willing to invest the extra time it will take for us to get to you we will be happy to take on your repair.

Watch Repair Shipping Instructions

  1. Complete the Watch/Clock Repair Form, print it out and send it with your watch. Enclose a check for $20 made out to Carignan Watch Company. This covers the cost of the estimate and will be applied to the repair should you elect to move forward.
  2. Pack the item using plenty of soft packing material. Packages have to be taped with brown paper tape. The preferred type is the kind you have to wet to use. The pre-glued tape may not be accepted as some has a waxy surface. No plastic tape allowed. The reason for this is the stamp used to seal the package must be on a surface that will not smear or allow tampering without detection.
  3. Please do not send the original box or literature your watch came with when new unless requested. We will not store them nor keep track of them for you.
  4. Ship your item using the USPS (Post office), registered mail with insurance and a return receipt, to our postal address listed below.  This is also how your item will be sent back to you. Please do not send your watch with a prepaid Fed-Ex or UPS return label, we will not use it except under certain circumstances.
  5. Clearly label the box with your name and return address. Label the box with CWC as the ‘To’ address name, not ‘Carignan Watch Company.’ This ensures no one will know there is a valuable watch or jewelry item in the package, adding a small measure of security. Our mailing address is PO Box 562, Belmont, NH 03220-0562, USA

We ship and receive hundreds of packages every year and have never had a problem. That doesn’t mean a problem can’t happen, but it is unlikely. We take every precaution possible to ensure the safety of every item we receive. Our shop is complete and modern. Our store is protected by cameras and a monitored electronic security system. We only use the highest quality tools, materials and parts available. We are also fully insured.

We moved to our new location.  Now our watch repair shop and micro machine shop are both at the same place making it much easier to work efficiently

Our new Physical address is :

Carignan Watch Co

38 Church Street

Belmont, NH



Shipping address is still:

P.O. Box 562

Belmont, NH